Database Maintenance and Support Services

At easySERVICE, we eliminate the risks and costs associated with database issues and data loss. Business expenses and profitability can be impacted when database needs are ignored. Those expenses exceed the cost of having easySERVICE as your database support team.

Your Database is Our Business. ON-PREMISES, IN THE CLOUD & ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN. We offer Services like but not limited to following:

  1. Data Management Exporting, importing and copying of the database.
  2. Object Management Creating, modifying and removing of objects, and other object-level tasks.
  3. Performance Optimization Instance efficiency, system resource utilization, load distribution, wait statistics, SQL query optimization.
  4. High Availability Management Maintenance of database clusters, log shipping, standby database & replication.
  5. Task Automation Scripting of database tasks & jobs, such as export/import and database duplication and refreshes (development/test/QA).
  6. Change Management Task requests, scheduling, rollback planning.
  7. Capacity Planning Statistics gathering, trend analysis & detailed status reporting.
  8. Backup & Recovery Configuration of backups, regularly scheduled recovery testing.
  9. Security Rigorous process to safeguard database security.
  10. Software Management Determination of appropriate patches. Application of minor and major release upgrades to the database software. Installation, configuration and optimization of additional database product features.
  11. Vendor Liaison Management of all aspects of database product licensing, including documentation, compliance, and future product acquisition.
  12. Technology Advisor Advice on database technologies, and suggestions on emerging technologies that may benefit your business operations.

We are a Service Provider for ​all popularly used Database and Cloud Administration

We help our clients address both Preventative ​Maintenance Service and 24/7 Monitoring across the enterprise. With these improvements, organizations can make better decisions, enhance effectiveness and improve controls.

easySERVICE helps you receive around the clock service for the most value. We employ high level data scientists, programmers, data analysts and data architects. We develop each layer of the solution based on our customer’s specifics needs.

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