Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

If you've ever wondered who has the time and money to worry over security issues when you've got a small business to run, you're not alone. Many small business owners overlook even basic computer security. According to a Dell study of 1,425 small and medium businesses worldwide, 59% don't have any endpoint protection, and 33% lack basic antivirus protection. Not surprisingly, cyber-criminals have been exploiting small and medium sized businesses with ease and great success. Small businesses often face a variety of problems related to their size and undercapitalization.

easySERVICE™ managed IT services is specially designed that can provide support not just fortune 500 companies but we have special program designed for small and medium businesses, students and home users. Our experienced team of system engineers, solution architects, technicians and trainers can support any business goal, add depth to internal infrastructure and provide additional brain-power during critical project periods. We can manage IT solutions single handedly or in collaboration with an established IT department at any business.

easySERVICE is unlike other IT firms who provide cookie cutter solutions. We know our clients require personalized attention with a custom built IT solution. We believe that losing access to information stored in a desktop/laptop may easily cause havoc irrespective to the nature of user.

On-Site Support: We can provide engineers at your location full-time, part-time or on-demand. Contact us to discuss long-term engagements, one-time solutions, packaged programs or individual service calls.

Service Desk/Help Desk: When you need technical help, you need it right away. Our dedicated IT engineers have extensive training and experience to analyze a situation and design solutions that work best for today's networks.

Database Maintenance and Support Services: Our team brings more than 15 years of experience in system architecture, design, development, and support of client-server and web applications for companies in the public and private sector, ranging from small to large.

Networks and Communications: we have developed solutions using enterprise-class networking and connectivity technologies; we provide the highest levels of availability, recovery, security, and performance.

Our network and communications systems are used in some of the most demanding environments on earth, from strategic command and control centers deep inside mountains to satellite communications systems in outer space.

Business Continuity Planning: We helps organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and protect their Cloud-based (hybrid) environments by offering you best of both the worlds, it is economical than private cloud but much secure than public cloud.

Disaster Recovery Planning: Our Disaster Recovery Data Solution powered by VMware® technology, a Cloud-based replication and recovery service is available to anyone who’d like to get enterprise-class business continuity with a mid-market price tag. We regularly do our testing and during disaster recovery testing, easySERVICE™’s average customer sees an RTO of fewer than 15 minutes.

We are committed to building the value of easySERVICE brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you are looking for IT services.

Whether you are looking for easySERVICE™ Disaster Recovery Planning or solutions for your unique IT requirements, we have a solution specially designed for you. No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary.

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