Server Monitoring and Maintenance

Server maintenance is the process of keeping the server updated and running to ensure that the organization’s computer network is operating smoothly. You need to have regular server updates, installation of patches and diagnostics; in other words, you need a sound server maintenance plan.

By easySERVICE™ Server Maintenance provides you the right blend of Remote Monitoring and Management tools, filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can sometimes be a mind-numbing exercise. Providing 24x7 services means late nights and no breaks over weekends or holidays.

The most important part of a successful and effective maintenance plan is to design one that is right for you and your business since every organization has its unique goals and server needs. With a solid plan, you will also have a sensible timetable for implementation thus avoiding prolonged downtimes to your business.

Many IT service providers are finding it increasingly difficult to manage technician utilization correctly, maintain a robust server and application skill-set readily available and protect their profit margins.

We offer three distinct server management service plans, each targeted to suit specific service requirements.

Remote Server Care
Remote Server Care is the premium service offering for IT Service providers looking for troubleshooting support. Our talented technical teams are at the ready to resolve server issues. You will share event identities, application messages, windows error messages and other anomalies to our team for best effort troubleshooting.

Proactive Server Care
Proactive Server Care is designed for companies who would like to off-load the heavy burden of monitoring repetitive, administrative processing to easySERVICE™, while their own technicians focus on completing internal projects. In addition, our auto generated alerts by the agent will be sent to our Remote Remediation Team, which then remotely connect to the troubled server to apply a best practices solution.

Server Watch
Server Watch was designed for companies who prefer a hands-on approach to resolving server problems, yet want to use our Back Office Services monitoring to reduce the time required for filtering through alerts and researching resolutions. Our team will coordinate with our Critical Notification Team through the Escalation Templates we employ for configuring phone call notifications. And with our SMS escalation alert feature, you can choose to receive alert notifications via text instead of a phone call.

Part of our easySERVICE™ Server Maintenance, over 2000 server monitors will be automatically applied to your servers based on their configuration. Filtering hundreds of server alerts, researching issues, troubleshooting and fixing problems can be daunting.


  1. Receive phone call and email notifications when critical alerts occur
  2. Create custom application, performance, or event log monitors
  3. Server metrics find “specific” not “general” problems
  4. Best Practice Resolutions provided for each agent.

Our experienced team of system engineers, solution architects and technicians can support any business goal, add depth to internal infrastructure and provide additional brain-power during critical project periods. We can manage IT solutions single handedly or in collaboration with an established IT department at any size business.

At Stellar Phoenix, we are committed to building the value of easySERVICE™ brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you have Server Monitoring and Maintenance challenges.

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