Network Assessment

Running a vulnerability assessment is fundamental for any organization. When an administrator is in the process of securing his network, there are a lot of things he needs to bear in mind. Proper network and security assessments can uncover risks and alert you to potential problems with their IT infrastructure before any work begins.

By easySERVICE™ Network Assessment software automates manual network and security assessments and produces branded Client Risk Reports. In short it provides a periodic “health check” network assessment and uncovering issues that need to be fixed.

Typically, a thorough network assessment involves a combination of people performing tedious and time consuming customer interviews, data collection, data analysis, report generation and recommendations. Even a small customer can consume a day's worth of work preparing a comprehensive and professional report, making it hard to justify the effort and expense.

Simply run our non-invasive, small executable file on a computer on the network, and in minutes (for the average-size network), we will be able to collect all the data about assets, end-user activity and network configurations that could create security or productivity issues for your prospects and customers.

  1. Run full network and security assessments with no agents and no installs
  2. Produce comprehensive customized fully branded reports
  3. Uncover security risks that can bring down a business
  4. Automated program is far more accurate than any manual process
  5. Do it all in less than 30 minutes

Our easySERVICE Network Detecting reports include:

  1. Client Risk Summary. Highlights the issues you uncovered, including easy-to-understand charts and graphs.
  2. Full Network Assessment. This report, which often runs 100-pages or more, includes a line-item listing of everything discovered, conveniently organized by category, with potential issues highlighted in red.
  3. Network Site Diagram. For each network scan you can produce a multi-layer visual diagram of the network structure, organized by type of asset. Each asset is displayed with basic identifying information and color-coded by its operational status.
  4. Asset Detail Report. For each network scan this report provides detailed information on individual assets. The report is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings and configurations for individual workstations and servers.
  5. External Vulnerabilities Summary. Select the range of IP addresses you want tested, and get a summary of any security holes and warnings.
  6. Change-Management Report. Compares the data from any two full network scans you've run and only highlights what has changed. Great for discovering new devices, users, trends, and loss detection.

In addition to the Network Detecting software, the Security Assessment Module provides a deeper level scan and produces a specialty set of reports designed for service providers who need or want a tool to provide security assessments. This assessment will include

  1. Network Security Risk Review. This report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score and chart showing the relative health (on a scale of 1 to 10) of the network security, along with a summary of the number of computers with issues.
  2. Share Permission Report. Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computer, detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.
  3. User Permissions Report. Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.
  4. External Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report. A comprehensive output including security holes and warnings, informational items that can help make better network security decisions, plus a full NMap Scan which checks all 65,535 ports and reports which are open. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.

At Stellar Phoenix, we are committed to building the value of easySERVICE™ brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you have Network Assessment and data security challenges.

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