Warning Signs of Hard Drive Failure That Could Lead to Data Loss

Knowing signs of an impending hard drive failure is very important because hard drive failure is one of the most common causes of data loss. Owing to the nature of these devices, hard drives are bound to crash sooner or later. The reality is, hard drive failures account for about 44% of data loss incidents and 13% of hard drives crash in their first year!

Good news is that these hard drive failures rarely “just happen” out of the blue. There are always enough signs a hard drive will exhibit before the drive eventually quits on you. While the symptoms themselves are manageable, ignoring them is something you wouldn’t want to do but due to lack of knowledge we mostly end up ignoring them.

Early warning symptoms of an impending hard drive failure include:

  1. Your computer often freezes without probable cause. This is usually accompanied by an unresponsive mouse or an undetected keyboard. The only thing that can get it going again is a restart that doesn’t go through the proper shutdown process.
  2. Your files mysteriously disappear. While a lost file or two may have been caused by an accidental deletion on your part, the chances of this happening too often cannot be passed off as errors all the time.
  3. The computer locks up during booting. The occasional hanging during the boot process shouldn’t worry you too much but when it happens like every other startup, these could be red flags for a serious problem.
  4. Accessing, opening, or saving files are taking awfully slow. It’s like your computer’s memory has suddenly shrinked into nothingness such that even small document files are too much for its capacity. An alternate sign maybe that listing of all the directories or files on your drive takes a very long time to Open.
  5. Cyclic redundancy Error for PC users. Very often you will get a Cyclic Redundancy error while opening a file this is a very common early sign of issues with your hard drive

Again, let me emphasize that any of the above symptoms occurring a few times are not necessarily signs of hard drive problems. A repeated pattern of these however, is too dangerous to disregard. Besides, why wait until it’s too late? Start your data backup now!

There are few more signs and symptoms

The actual hard drive failure is mechanical in nature so you could probably hear metallic noises coming from your computer. That would be the read/write head thrashing about within the drive but not functioning the way it should. The most definite sign of a crashed drive is when your computer refuses to boot and all you get is an error screen advising of a critical system malfunction, most commonly called the blue screen of death. If you have not bothered to backup files by then, there is no looking back. You have now experienced a hard drive failure.

When this happens, all is not actually a total loss because in most cases, the data can still be retrieved by data recovery experts like Stellar Phoenix Solutions. Fortunately, Stellar Phoenix stands ready to help you recover your data no matter where you store it and no matter whether the loss resulted from a disaster, an accident or from hacking. Our friendly, expert data recovery specialists will find everything that can be found and get your information back to you.

Don’t wait until you observe signs of hard drive failure in your computer. Make the effort to back up your files ASAP! File backup methods don’t really cost all that much and yet you have the assurance of being spared from the stress, hassle, and opportunity loss that comes with losing data. We have successfully recovered data from thousands of drives with extreme physical and logical damage.

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