Leading Cause of Data Loss: USB Drives

What is your important data?... well this question can be answered by different people differently. Family photos, important work documents, e-mails you have saved from friends and family, recipes or maybe something you have worked on for years like a novel or family history is most commonly claimed critical data. If those important things are all on your hard drive, especially on your hard drive with your operating system, you are leaving them wide open and completely at risk for damage. This is the reason you bought that USB drive. Do you know 25% of lost data is due to the failure of a portable drive?

In order to understand shortcuts to losing your data, the first thing we need to do is understand the most common reasons that data is lost. The primary causes of data loss are:

  1. Human failure
  2. Human error
  3. Software corruption
  4. Theft
  5. Computer viruses
  6. Hardware destruction

In a recent survey, we included 743 security professionals and the final data concluded that 70% of businesses lost data and private information through the use of USB flash memory sticks. About 55% of that loss can be contributed to malware being introduced to a system through the USB memory stick.

In addition to the sweeping use and subsequent loss of data, the survey discovered that about half of the respondents understood the risk of using USB drives. These companies and professionals have policies in place to govern the use. The only problem – about half of those with policies in place do not enforce the policies in any way, thus leaving the door wide open for misuse of USB memory sticks plus the new Bring your own device(BYOD) is actually mostly against the security policies. Almost ¾ of the respondents, including the ones that understand the USB drive-associated risk, do not use any type of software to prevent data loss through the copying of confidential data or to scan USBs for malware and viruses.

All is not lost when it comes to data protection and USB drives. About 36% of those surveyed took an offensive approach to the threat posed by USB drives. Rather than run the risk of an employee unknowingly (or, in some cases, knowingly) plugging in a corrupt USB drive, the respondents use software that disables the USB ports. Without a USB port, malicious malware cannot be installed on a computer through a USB memory stick.

Now the big question.. How to protect yourself from USB Data Loss?

If you are wondering what this means for you, it is simple – protect yourself from data loss and malware infestations when using a USB flash memory stick. While it is possible to safely utilize a USB flash drive, you can’t help but wonder why anyone would take even a small risk with their important data.

Disasters that threaten a business can happen anywhere at any time. But no matter how it is caused, a loss of data, or access to data for any kind of extended period, inevitably means a loss of revenue, a loss of productivity, a loss of reputation, and increased costs. Put us to the test today! Don’t be a victim of low prices and false promises.