Is data recovery really that expensive?

If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash, you probably learned very quickly how expensive hard drive data recovery is. As if the frustration of a dead hard drive wasn’t enough, you come to find out that it can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get your data back. And even then, you are not guaranteed to get back all of the information on the drive. But many people are still left wondering why the data recovery is so expensive. Can it really be that difficult for a company that knows what they are doing to simply get the data off your drive?

Well, the short answer is yes. It is extremely hard to get the data off an old drive and even a company with all the right equipment has to employ professionals who can do the job. And those professionals need to have the right environment and the right tools to do their job. Depending upon the type of damage a hard drive has sustained, it can result in a complex process to retrieve the data for the customer.

The first thing any person or company should think about is “what is my/our data worth?” You are the only one that can answer that question.

We at easySERVICE™ Data Solutions are fair and reasonable. We offer no data no charge services on most of our data recovery services. After a small examination of your crashed hard drive we offer up front flat rate pricing. The only exceptions to both of these services are RAID recoveries and Exchange recoveries.

Data Recovery Cost Breakdown

For a company to repair hard drives on a regular basis, they need to have a lot of expensive tools as well as highly trained engineers and most importantly: a special environment. All of these requirements are mandatory to successfully recover data.

easySERVICE™ Data Solutions has its own proprietary tools and experience to perform a successful, fast and economical data recovery. We have created a unique recovery methodology using a combination of proprietary tools that enable us to recover data from most non-responding hard drives. This tool helps us to recover data logically (non-invasive) instead of an expensive physical recovery most of the time. This minimizes costs for our clients and maximizes the success and quality of recovery. We have track record of 98% recovery with at least 75% of data.

We also have access to an extensive amount of hard drive parts needed to perform hard drive repair, the first step in data recovery. All of these things lead to a pretty high overhead, not including the labor and parts required to repair a hard drive.

easySERVICE™ Data Solutions has a class 100 clean room where they open physically damaged hard drives. We also have proprietary methodologies to perform repairs to mechanical parts and electronics. Along with highly trained techs and engineers, these tools and operating environment leads to the overall pricing.

If you are experiencing data loss more than likely you will call around to get the best price. Put us to test today! We guarantee our service standards.

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