Is your data at risk at a data recovery vendor?

We often lack the expertise to recover data when files are lost and hard drives get corrupted and will often realize that we need to get in touch with an expert. If the lost data represents critical intellectual property, financial information and other sensitive information then will you trust an absolute stranger?

An independent study shows, among IT security and IT support practitioners

  1. 83% of all respondents reported at least one data breach in the past two years
  2. 19% said the breach occurred when a drive was in the possession of a third-party data recovery service provider
  3. 43% said the breach was due to a lack of data security protocols

Data recovery vendors have become more popular lately for obvious reasons. There are risks associated with using an arbitrary and not a thoroughly vetted data recovery vendor like

  1. Exposure to identity theft
  2. Irreparable media damage and permanent loss of data
  3. Leakage of business secrets or intellectual property in a public domain or to competition
  4. Improper disposal of damaged storage devices leading to future exposure to fore mentioned risks
  5. Installation of malware onto hard drives along with recovered data.

Following are a few industry standards for professional data recovery firms:

  1. The storage device manufacturer authorizes the data recovery firm to perform recovery on their device without voiding the original warranty.
  2. Data recoveries are performed in a pristine cleanroom environment that meets ISO standards to minimize contaminates and maximize recovery results.
  3. Your critical and proprietary data is safe from external breach while on the firm’s network during the data recovery process.
  4. Data recovery engineers are certified to properly and safely recover encrypted files and drives.
  5. A firm, written quote should always be provided before data recovery work begins. The quote should include fees for the specified turnaround time as well as all other anticipated costs, such as parts and parts sourcing, lab fees, labor and cleanroom fees.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, our aim is to prevent all kind of data loss. Whether it is from a hard drive crash or data breach. To enforce more protection we have implemented some additional controls:

  1. ONLY authorized employees get admission rights to our labs.
  2. All employees go through detailed background check before getting access to any of the recovery cases.
  3. Disks are handled ONLY by trained professionals who treat your device and data with the utmost care. Their work is routinely audited to confirm compliance.
  4. If device needs to be opened this is strictly done in an ISO certified Class 100 environment.
  5. Equipment used to recover data is secluded from Internet and public domains and external access via USB/CD-DVD writer blocked
  6. Return of the original device by default, should the client choose to have us destroy the data, this is done using an industry standard processes.
  7. Equipment used to recover data between data recovery jobs is digitally sterilized so as to eliminate the possibility of any malware from a previous job impacting future jobs

Our services meet the security protocols for financial, government, corporate and healthcare industries. easySERVICE™ owns its own proprietary advance recovery tool that allows it to run successful recoveries without use of expensive invasive procedures. In case invasive recovery is the only option we have our own advanced Certified ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom where all physical data recoveries take place. Our engineers are trained and certified in various encryption and forensics technologies and have scores of satisfied customers all over the globe.

Put us to the test today! Don’t be a victim of teaser prices and false promises. We guarantee our service standards.

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