Are You One Of Those That Don’t Backup Your Computer?

If you don’t backup your computer, you’re hardly alone. But take a moment to consider what is on your hard drive. Family photos, important work documents, e-mails you have saved from friends and family, recipes or maybe something you have worked on for years like a novel or family history. If those important things are all on your hard drive, especially on your hard drive with your operating system, you are leaving them wide open and completely at risk for damage. Backing up your hard drive is no longer a complicated process of organizing dozens of floppy disks or CDs with illegible labels on them. It has become so simple and streamlined that there is no longer a reason to keep worrying about a hard drive crash.

The fact is that most people don’t back up their files because they think it is too complicated. They don’t know how to image their important files or copy data so that it is readable later on. Even with online services, they worry that setting everything up and keeping track of it is going to cause more trouble than it is worth. What they don’t realize is that online backup and portable hard drives have become so affordable and simple to use that there is no longer a reason to put your data at risk.

The old method of backing up data involved using floppies or CDs. You had to gather everything together and organize it so that you could burn or copy everything you needed onto multiple pieces. Given the size limitations and the fact that you needed a specific kind of drive to read these files, this was not ideal. Especially if you used a drive format such as ZIP drives that aren’t on every computer. Buying all these discs could be very expensive as well, especially when you bought bigger discs to hold everything you needed to back-up your computer. Fortunately, external hard drives and online backup services have made those problems of the past.

Every single modern computer has a USB drive. And an external hard drive will plug and play with them all. Not only is it far easier and more convenient, but you don’t have to organize your files any differently than they are on your computer. Even if you don’t have a backup program, you can just copy and paste everything just like it is right onto the other hard drive. As an added bonus, you can get drives big enough to hold everything on your computer with more than enough room to spare. With multi-terabyte drives, there is almost no limit to the amount of information you can store.

But if you aren’t interested in spending hundreds on a huge drive, there are now online services you can use. And they are more user-friendly than ever as companies start to find that the average person wants to keep their computer data safe , not just big companies. While no one can say for 100% certain that data will not be lost because you have a cloud service. The cloud is useful – no one can argue that point – however, it has its weak points, one of which is data loss. If cloud service providers can face data loss, so can you.

If your data is critical, make sure you choose a data recovery service like stellar Phoenix that can properly recover data from physically damaged drives. Even the simplest recovery attempts on a physically damaged drive could render your data unrecoverable. The first recovery attempt is always the best recovery attempt.

At Stellar Phoenix Solutions, our engineers use the safest methods available to ensure your data is not lost from repeated recovery attempts. We have successfully recovered data from hundreds of thousands of drives with extreme physical and logical damage.

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